Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Birthday cards

So my husband is an engineer and after the past two and a half years of watching me stamp and letting our home get taken over by stamping paraphernalia, he refuses to let me or himself purchase a card at the store. I tried to get him to buy one for his brother's birthday a few months ago, since masculine cards are pretty difficult for me to do, but he would not go for it. Anyway, my birthday was last week, and this is the card he made for me. There's no stamping on it, but he created it himself at work using some sort of drawing software or whatever rocket scientists use. Here's the details: Happy Birthday, Size A, Case Code 06-27-1977 (my birthdate), Drawing No. I LOVE YOU, Rev. 0 (which should say 15 or so, since that's how many times he said he had to print it before he got it right). Scale none, drawn by David Buecher, Birthday 31 of ALOT (this was my 30th birthday, a small oversight!). By the way, he mounted it on mellow moss cardstock...his favorite Stampin' Up! color. What a guy!

More baby stuff

This is a gift set I gave to a friend at her baby shower. I covered a wood frame from Michaels with patterned paper and Mod Podge, sanded the edges and wrapped the ribbon around the sides of the frame on top of sticky strip tape. The small tag in the middle is intended to be a diaper bag tag or luggage tag with the baby's name "Avery" on it. Both of these ideas came from Emily Giovanni's blog, and the scrapbook page layout came from the pagemaps website (I think!). It was really fun to make and fun to give as well. This was her 2nd girl, so she already has lots of clothes and baby essentials, so I thought she might like something handmade.