Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I’m back: My Digital Studio 2, Baptism/Name Album

It’s been a long, long looooooooooong time!  Keeping up an active blog for my paper crafting has been on the bottom of my list for a while (having four kids under age 8 will do that), but I am ready to get back into posting, mostly because I am really excited to share with you my fun new addiction---My Digital Studio 2.   I still enjoy working with real paper, but I have so much to share with you about my new digital adventure!  I have been using it for everything lately.  I guess when I look at the mess on my craft table, it’s easier to do a U-turn back to the computer and get to work.  Plus I can work on something for 5 minutes (the attention span my 2 year old allows me), and then come back to it later. 

First up—the cover from my son’s 8th birthday/baptism book all about him.  This album was so fun for me to put together.  I got the idea from Stacy Julian’s blog.  It’s basically a book about his name—why we named him what we did, where his names came from, a little heritage, letters from grandparents, what it means to take on the name of Christ at baptism, etc. 

This was my first project with the upgraded software (MDS2), and I was SO HAPPY with the changes that Stampin’ Up! made.

stuart's name book-002

I tried to keep things really simple since it was the first printed book I would be ordering as a print product from Stampin’ Up! and because it was for an 8 year old boy, and because I knew I didn’t have time to custom design every page.   Plus I just prefer the clean and simple style for scrapbooking. 

Some info and tips—

  • The 8 x 8 size printed album is easy to fill, inexpensive (~$20)! 
  • I used the mat option and drop shadow option to give the photos, text and embellishments a 3-d effect. 
  • By choosing Stampin’ Up!’s print service, you are guaranteed the colors will turn out right!
  • MDS2 allows  you to work in a 2 page spread:


Here’s a screen shot of the front and back covers of the album. 

Don’t let your digital photos stay trapped on your computer (or worse, on your memory cards/flash drives!!)  Start with something recent and easy—a Christmas album from a few months ago, a vacation from last year, or get something ready for Mother’s Day for Grandma. You can print at home, order single sheets, or get an album!

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