Monday, March 18, 2013

My Digital Studio 2—single sheet printing, pattern scale adjustment, and changing stamp brush colors

Against better judgment, we are taking our 4 children on a long long long drive from Colorado to California for spring break (20 hours from point A to point B which means about 25+ for us, since we have to add an hour’s worth of stopping time for every 4 hours of driving time).  I’m trying to plan ahead with games and activities for the car.  And movies.  Lots and lots of movies.

One of the activities I am putting together is a collection of worksheets, word puzzles, coloring pages, sudoku, etc. for each kid in their own binder.  I thought it would make it kind of special for the kids if they had a “personalized” cover for their binders.  I know I always loved things with my name on it when I was a kid.  Do you remember searching the racks at the store for the mini license plate with your name on it or the key chains?

Using My Digital Studio 2, I started with a 12 x 12 designer template that looked like this:

binder cover original-001

I had to change it to 8 1/2 x 11 to fit the binder cover, and adjust a few other things to get to here:

binder cover grace_2-001

Once I resized the template, I had to move a few of the embellishments around, but that was about it.

binder cover grace_2-002

For this page I just swapped out the background paper for a different style in the same collection, as well as the layer behind the photo. 

binder cover grace_2-003

I deleted the flowery, butterfly embellishments for my boy, and just changed the patterned paper.

binder cover grace_2-004

Another swap of patterns for this one.

Henry isn’t getting a binder for the road trip, but I made him a page anyway.   Adorbs!

Some info and tips:

  • Instead of using the background paper feature in the design center, I use a square punch, then enlarge it to be the size of the project.  Then I can zoom in or out of the pattern to get the scale I am looking for.



See how in the bottom picture the flower image is larger/more zoomed in?  You can adjust the scale of any patterned paper by filling a punch shape rather than just using it as the background paper. 

  • You can recolor stamp brushes now in MDS2 as well.  Just double click on the image and the stamp image coloring tool window will open.  You can custom color any svg type stamp brush to match your photo, color scheme, etc.

binder cover grace_2-002


binder cover grace_2-006

Single sheet printing through Stampin’ Up! has two options, a regular photo paper weight and a heavier cardstock weight.  For my project I chose the regular weight paper since these are going into the protective cover on the front of a binder.  The regular weight is $1.45 each sheet, and the cardstock weight is $1.95.

Don’t let your digital photos stay trapped on your computer (or worse, on your memory cards/flash drives!!) Start with something recent and easy—a Christmas album from a few months ago, a vacation from last year, or get something ready for Mother’s Day for Grandma. You can print at home, order single sheets, or get an album!

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