Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Digital Studio—Reusing a page, and alignments

When I spend time creating a custom layout/page, it’s nice to be able to use it again!  Here is the layout from the other day:
henry's mess-002
And here’s the same layout, with changes in color and Designer Series paper:
elise's party 2-20-13-002
I can do this two ways—by creating a “duplicate page”, or click save as and rename the project.  Then in the layers feature in the resource palette on the left side of the MDS screen, I can click on each layer on the page (quite a few layers for this project), and change each layer to be a different color scheme.
You can see a few of the layer in the picture above.
Some info and tips:
  1. In this layout, I added the circle embellishments along the top leading into the text title.  To keep them aligned, I selected all of them by holding down the control key and clicking on each one so they were all selected, then I can click on Arrange in the menu at the top, and then Align, then space evenly horizontally, and then “middle” to line make sure they are all lined up with each other.image
  2. I love, love, love this collection of Designer Series Paper, “Ice Cream Parlor”.  I used it to make her invitations, which was a hybrid project with MDS and real paper, and for a few other party things which I’ll be posting later.
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