Friday, March 22, 2013

My Digital Studio—single page, rounded corners, polaroid frame

Sometimes I have 5 minutes of “free time”, and sometimes I have a couple hours after the kids go to bed to sit down and mess around with photos and layouts, etc.  As I have mentioned before, the great thing about doing your pages/scrapbooks/projects in My Digital Studio is that you can just work for 5 minutes at a time and come back to it later without making a big mess on your dining room table ; )
Tonight I had a little time—there was a hockey game on in the other room—so I started with a pagemaps layout idea from October 2012 and just played around.  Here’s the fruit of my labor:
henry's mess-002
It’s not hard to find pictures of my little 2 year old’s mischief and shenanigans.  Ah, the beauty of a camera phone.  Most of my day is spent cleaning up one mess while another is being made.  It’s a good thing he is really, really,  cute!  If you can’t tell from the small pictures, he has 1-spilled about 8 oz of milk all over the counter while I was drying my hair upstairs, 2-squirted a whole gogurt tube into his lap while I was driving, and 3-emptied the cupboard full of puzzles all over the floor and mixed up 10-12 puzzle boxes into a jumble of thousands of pieces.
Some info and tips:
  1. All my patterned paper comes from the same collection called, Number One.  Keeps things coordinated and saves me time searching through hundreds of patterns to find things that go together.
  2. I can print this page as a single sheet to add to any “traditional” album or I can just save it and when I’m ready to put a whole printed album together, add it as a page in a new project.
  3. To make the “polaroid” style frame, just add a page layer in whisper white, then add a photo box on the top of that layer
Then to round the corners of the white frame, just right click on the frame and select “round corners”.
Then you can choose which corners you want to round (I chose all for this frame), and how much curve/radius you want.  I chose a pretty subtle curve, moving the radius to 10.

Now I have my “polaroid” frame ready and I can copy and paste it as many times as I want in the layout.
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