Thursday, March 14, 2013

See, I told you! My Digital Studio 2— baptism/name album part 2

Here I am again, ready to share some more with you! As I was creating this album for my son’s eighth birthday, I wanted him to know why we chose his first and middle names, and where his last name comes from, what it means, etc.  I asked my mom to write up a little something about her dad, Douglas, which is my son’s middle name.  I know some of these things don’t have great meaning for him now as an eight year old, but I KNOW he will be glad to have this book down the road.  And the other beauty of doing this digitally is that if he ever loses the book or it gets destroyed by an natural disaster (common in our household!), I can just order a new one.  Voila!

Here’s the page my mom wrote up and the photo of my Grandfather:

stuart's name book-006stuart's name book-007

Again, I kept them very simple, just some matting and drop shadows, and the patterned paper is from the Well Worn Designer Series Paper collection.  I used a punch shape for the name box at the bottom of the photo.  Are you dying at his middle name?  Dalrymple?  Crazy Australians!

Some info and tips:

  • Size your photo box first before adding the photo.  If you know your photo is portrait oriented, then make sure your height is greater than your width.  Or vice versa.
  • Keep your accents and embellishments in the same color family as the patterned paper you are working with.  It’s simple to do by using the “match color” tool in the design center.

Don’t let your digital photos stay trapped on your computer (or worse, on your memory cards/flash drives!!) Start with something recent and easy—a Christmas album from a few months ago, a vacation from last year, or get something ready for Mother’s Day for Grandma. You can print at home, order single sheets, or get an album!

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