Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Easter Treats & Wedding Favors using “sour cream” containers

One of my favorite things about papercrafting is making favors, treat boxes, goody bags, etc. for special occasions.  Each year our PTA organizes dinner for the teachers during the week of conferences—so instead of signing up to bring food, I usually try to make a little treat in some cute packaging that the teachers can take back to their desks or eat on their way home.  This week I am taking 40 “carrot” treat boxes to the school.  I started working on this a couple weeks ago and 2 other moms helped me punch and stamp these little cuties (thanks Gina and Amber!)


These are filled with Reece’s and Butterfinger eggs. 

It’s a super simple “sour cream” container style pattern (though I’ve never had sour cream from a container shaped like this, nor would I consider it a pattern!).   All you do is make a tube with your paper or cardstock—any size will work, but mine are 4 x 6.  I usually secure them with sticky strip, but I was all out, so I actually ended up using my tombow multi glue (the green and white one).  Which crazily enough worked really well.  I had to hold the paper together for about 20-30 seconds after I glued it, but then I just set it aside and it dried just fine.  Once the seam was dry, you just pinch one end together and glue it, then you pinch the other end together in the opposite direction.  There’s a great video tutorial here.

I used these same style containers a couple years ago for a friend who needed them for a wedding favor for rehearsal dinner:


Elegant don’t you think? See how versatile they can be?  These ones were a little more involved because they had more layers, and the added ribbon, but they turned out so pretty!  I think we filled these with wrapped Hershey nuggets. 

They coordinated with their place cards:


Some info and tips for the sour cream container treat:

  • Using Designer Series Paper (DSP) or any kind of patterned paper is easier to work with, but can be less sturdy if you are using a heavy item inside.
  • Crimping the ends of the sour cream container is not necessary to hold it together, but it adds a little extra style to the project
  • The ribbon (for the wedding favors) looks tricky, but it’s pretty simple.  Just cut a nice length (maybe 12 inches to start with), then thread both ends about halfway through a punched hole and tie a bow just like you’d tie your shoelaces.  The part left at the back becomes the loop—you can use the ribbon to hang it somewhere, or just to look pretty.
  • Sticky strip (red-liner tape) is the strongest bet for keeping this project together, but the green cap tombow multi purpose glue will work (it’s messier and you have to have a little more patience).

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